Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive Listening Device ADA Symbol

To request a service, contact:
Mika Godbole, Interim ADA Coordinator
(609) 905-0931
[email protected]

Assistive Listening Devices are amplifiers that bring sound directly into the ear. They separate the sounds, particularly speech, that a person wants to hear from background noise and improve what is known as the “speech to noise ratio.”

When is this provided automatically?
Assistive Listening Devices are available at all concerts held at Richardson Auditorium and as part of the Princeton Festival. You can find them at the ADA Information desk.

If not automatically provided, how do I request this service?
If you would like an Assistive Listening Device available at an event, please contact Interim ADA Coordinator Mika Godbole at least 2 weeks before the performance date.

We can only provide Assistive Listening Devices during our events that take place in-person. Personal headphones can amplify the sound during virtual events.

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