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Whether you want to hear what was discussed at the latest Pre-Concert Talk, learn something new from a Soundtracks lecture, or watch a video clip of the orchestra in action, there's always something to be gleaned from our media offerings. Choose from among those featured below to enrich your day.

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Two people on stage smiling and chatting, both holding microphones.

TIME FOR THREE Pre-Concert Talk

Listen in as Rossen Milanov talks with string trio Time For Three about their collaboraton with Kevin Puts, their career trajectory, and their creative philosophy prior to their March 10th appearance with the PSO. 

Two people engage in a conversation.

Soundtracks: Meet the Composers

Chair of the Princeton University Music Department, Professor Dan Trueman, discusses the compositional process with Princeton University alum Gregory Spears and current graduate student in composition, Nina Shekhar. 

Three people chat on stage in front of an audience listening in.


Listen in as Nina Shekhar and Gregory Spears speak with Rossen Milanov about their works on the January 13-14 concert program. 

Two people on Zoom interviewing on a television program; Text: One On One with Steve Adubato and Rossen Milanov 2023

Rossen Milanov on PBS-TV

In case you missed it, here's the complete episode of One-on-One with Steve Adubato featuring Edward T. Cone Music Director Rossen Milanov.

Rossen Milanov on PBS NewsHour

Rossen Milanov made the news recently as he conducted a work featuring Paganini's violin with the Columbus Symphony Orchestra. Here he is in a June 24 PBS NewsHour episode.

Two people smiling out at the audience from stage, each holding a microphone.

TIME FOR THREE Pre-Concert Talk

Listen in as Rossen Milanov talks to Time For Three about their creative philosophy and career trajectory during their March 9-10 concerts with the PSO.  

Two people seated onstage with empty chairs and music stands behind; one is speaking into a microphone as the other looks on.


Listen in to Gregory Spears' conversation with Maestro Rossen Milanov during the November 12 pre-concert talk.

Three smiling people seated on a stage and holding microphones; the center one is talking the others are smiling; projected text behind: Orchestra


Violinist Jennifer Koh and conductor Kenneth Bean speak with Executive Director Marc Uys about the music to be performed at the October 14, 2023 concert in this audio recording. 

Three people sitting on a stage holding microphones, with projected text on the wall behind: Princeton Symphony Orchestra


Saxophonist Steven Banks and composer Sarah Kirkland Snider speak with Maestro Rossen Milanov about their music-making and the works on the September 10 concert program.

Violinist Elina Vahala and Maestro Rossen Milanov - pre-concert talk

BRITTEN & ELGAR Pre-Concert Talk

Listen in as Rossen Milanov speaks with violinist Elina Vähälä about her impressions of Benjamin Britten's Violin Concerto and provides insights into other works on the program.

Rossen Milanov giving a pre-concert talk

FANDANGO Pre-Concert Talk

Rossen Milanov speaks of his years in Spain, his connection with soloist Anne Akiko Meyers, the US premiere of Marcos Fernández' America, and other works on the Fandango concert program.

Kenneth Bean Conducts PSO in 2022 Season Opener

NJ Advance Media journalist Michael Mancuso filmed Kenneth Bean conducting the February 5 PSO concert featuring violinist Alexi Kenney. 

Maestro Rossen Milanov conducting the PSO at McCarter Theatre Center

Featured on WDVR-FM's "Creative Conversations"

Holiday POPS!, the Princeton Festival, PSO BRAVO! education programs, and more are covered in this great interview with Edward T. Cone Music Director Rossen Milanov and Executive Director Marc Uys conducted by radio host Mandee Hammerstein.

Rossen Milanov at the stove, wearing a PSO apron.

On a Positive Note: Princeton Symphony Invites Viewers 'At Home with the PSO'

Executive Director Marc Uys describes "At Home with the PSO" in this interview with Rachel Katz for WWFM's "On a Positive Note."

Stories of Scheherazade

Storyteller Maria LoBiondo presented selections from the legendary tales of The Thousand and One Nights as a preview for Princeton Symphony Orchestra’s concert featuring Rimsky-Korsakov’s masterpiece Scheherazade.

Saad Haddad Clarinet Concerto

Find out about the genesis of Saad Haddad's Clarinet Concerto, dedicated to and played by Kinan Azmeh. 

Kinan Azmeh and Saad Haddad seated onstage. Kinan Azmeh is playing the clarinet.


Rossen Milanov is joined by composer Saad Haddad and clarinetist Kinan Azmeh to discuss Haddad's new clarinet concerto.

Pablo Ferrández, seated on-stage, holding a cello and speaking into a microphone


Rossen Milanov discusses Elgar and his cello concerto with cellist Pablo Ferrández.

Marc Uys, Bernhard Gueller, and Natasha Paremski, seated on-stage, discussing Rachmaninoff


PSO Executive Director Marc Uys discusses the all-Russian concert program with conductor Bernhard Gueller and pianist Natasha Paremski.

Christina and Michelle Naughton, Rossen Milanov Pre-Concert Talk

ALL MOZART Pre-Concert Talk

Rossen Milanov hosts Christina and Michelle Naughton in a pre-concert talk discussing Mozart and what it's like to be touring and performing as twin sisters. 

Soundtracks: Author James Barron Talks Pianos

New York Times staff reporter and author James Barron discusses "The Piano We Know and the Mysteries of Mozart's 'Pianos'" in this fascinating talk. Mr. Barron is author of Piano: The Making of a Steinway Concert Grand.

Sandra Cisneros Talk

On May 18, 2019, author Sandra Cisneros and composer/clarinetist Derek Bermel led a free lecture in Princeton about cultural identity and artistic collaboration. Bermel created a new work, entitled Mango Suite based on Cisneros' book The House on Mango Street. The event included a Q&A and a performance preview.

Rossen Milanov Conducts Beethoven's Fifth Opening

Watch Rossen Milanov lead the Princeton Symphony Orchestra as it performs the opening of Beethoven's Symphony No. 5.

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