2024 Gala Committee


Many thanks to the 2024 Gala Committee for your commitment to the creative and careful planning of this event to benefit the Princeton Symphony Orchestra's many community and student-focused programs including our classical and chamber concerts, BRAVO! and the Princeton Festival, New Jersey’s premier performing arts festival.

2024 Gala Committee Members

Jennifer Bednar, Gala Co-Chair
Alicia Merse, Gala Co-Chair
Kathleen Biggins
Marcia Bossart
Lindsay Bracken
Jennifer SanFilippo Brown
Sarah Callaghan
Melanie Clarke
Hope Cotter
Kevin Cotter
Sue Cotter
Nora Decker
Jennifer DeSimone
Harry Fini
Erin Forrey
Debora Haines
Susan Hempsell
Catherine Hilton
Rachel Lee
Adrienne Longo
Kathleen Schaumber Mandzij
Yvonne Marcuse
Anastasia Marty
Kerry Perretta
Jean Snyder
Judith Stelian
Margaret Stoneman
Woodney Wachter
Stephanie Wedeking
Louise Wellemeyer
Nancy Woelk
Carol Wojciechowicz

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