Mazel Tov Cocktail Party!

Featuring David Krakauer
Performance Pavilion - Morven Museum & Garden
$15 - $75; Youth 5-17 half-price

Mazel Tov Cocktail Party is a "good vibes explosion" created in response to the current climate of incredible polarization and negativity that pervades our daily lives. In these uncertain times, it’s a chance to come together to celebrate our common humanity.

Enjoy food from our on-site vendors:

(Serving on the Garden lawn from 5:30-7pm)
Local Greek/BBQ and The Pastry & Coffee Room

Local BBQ      The Pastry Room & Coffee Shop


David Krakauer & Kathleen Tagg / “The Happy Hour Crew Theme Song”
Words: Sarah Makonnen
Electronics: Jeremy Flower


David Krakauer & Kathleen Tagg / “Krakky’s Rainbow Polka”
Words: Sarah Makonnen
Electronics: Jeremy Flower


David Krakauer & Kathleen Tagg / “Mazel Tov Cocktail Party”
Words: David Krakauer
Electronics: Jeremy Flower


Traditional / Der Gasn Nign
(arr. David Krakauer)


David Krakauer & Kathleen Tagg / “Bella’s Calypso” (Bella suit son coeur)
Words: Sarah Makonnen
Electronics: Kathleen Tagg


David Krakauer & Josh Dolgin / Moskovitz and Loops of It


David Krakauer, Josh Dolgin & Kathleen Tagg / “Jammin’ with Socalled”
Words: Sarah Makonnen
Electronics: Josh Dolgin


David Krakauer & Kathleen Tagg / “North Country Square Dance”
Words: Sarah Makonnen (Square Dance All Night)
Electronics: Bergsonist


Traditional / I Am a Poor Wayfaring Stranger
(arr. Jerome Harris & Kathleen Tagg)


Traditional / Drum and Hornpipe: Poll Ha’penny
(arr. David Krakauer, Kathleen Tagg & Jerome Harris)


David Krakauer / Love Song for Lemberg/Lvov


David Krakauer / Synagogue Wail for solo clarinet


Traditional / “Wedding on the Cyclone”
(arr. David Krakauer & Kathleen Tagg)
Words: Sarah Makonnen
Electronics: Jeremy Flower


David Krakauer, clarinet and vocals

Kathleen Tagg, piano, keyboard, accordion, and cello

Sarah MK, rap vox and vocals

Yoshie Fruchter, electric guitar and oud

Jerome Harris, electric bass and vocals

Martin Shamoonpour, daf and jaw's harp


David Krakauer and Kathleen Tagg, producers


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