Music & Poetry by Alessandro Olla & Lucilla Trapazzo
FREE - at Princeton Public Library

Lucilla Trapazzo and Alessandro Olla explore the connections between contemporary music and poetry during this brunch event. ABC-XYZ follows a non-linear narrative path. It explores the possible connections between the sound sphere (instruments and music) and that of the meanings (voice and words) and how the encounter of the two artistic languages creates new semiotic relationships, involving also the sensory sphere.

Doors open at 10:45 a.m. for coffee and pastries.

Presented in partnership with the Princeton Public Library in advance of the June 7-22 Princeton Festival.

The Princeton Festival GuildMany thanks to the Princeton Festival Guild for their support of this event and for providing refreshments.



The performers will use a mixed set of vocals, acoustic instruments and Live Electronics. The voice, sometimes coherent, sometimes disorienting, is incorporated within the soundscapes of Alessandro Olla. From a linear starting point, Lucilla Trapazzo’s poems expand along a fragmented path, following the sound dimensions: the voice merges with different instruments, creating moments of dialogue and bewilderment, the tiles of a constantly evolving sound mosaic. 


Alessandro Olla bowing a unique metal and string instrumentAlessandro Olla is a multidisciplinary artist who, after studying piano, composition and electronic music, begun an artistic journey through experimentation, improvisation and electronics, both as a composer and as a performer/artist. His personal research and expertise are dedicated mainly to the interaction between music and other creative expressions, focusing mostly on how to generate new synaesthesis and neural paths between music and other artistic languages. In his rich experience, he composed music for films, dance and theater performances. His interest in soundscape has led him to build a huge database of sounds from all over the world, rich basin of inspiration for his musical creations. His performances and installations have been extensively presented at festivals and exhibitions in Europe, USA, China, India, South America and Africa. He currently teaches electroacoustic music composition at the Music Conservatory of Cagliari and is undergoing his doctorate studies at the “Universidad Politecnico” in Valencia.

Lucilla Trapazzo, posing with a small sculpture of a nude womanLucilla Trapazzo is a poet, translator, artist and performer. After years spent abroad for study and work (DDR, Belgium, USA), she now lives between Switzerland, Italy and NYC. A staunch advocate for human rights and the planet, her social and feminine views are reflected in many of her writings. To her credit she has six books of poetry, a series of translations of international poets, numerous literary collaborations with associations, magazines and poetry anthologies (as poet, editor and translator), and a CD with compositions by Marco di Stefano, inspired by her poems. She co-organizes and moderates poetry events, festivals and art exhibitions for international associations. Her poems, translated into 18 languages, have won major international awards (including poet laureate Kurora e Poezisë at Korca International Festival Netët të Poezisë, Albania 2023) and she regularly participates in poetry and art festivals in the United States, Europe, Africa, and Asia (some: Struga Poetry Evenings, N.Macedonia 2021; Princeton Festival, USA 2021,2024; Babylon International Festival of the Arts, Iraq 2022, 2024; Rockport Poetry festival, USA 2023; Kistrech International Festival, Kenya 2023). 

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