b'Program NotescontinuedThe evocative nature of the piece draws on strong lyricism and a lush harmonic charter. A melodic idea is played in all the voices of the ensemble at some point of the piece either whole or fragmented. The recurring ominous motif represents the cry of those struck down unjustly in this country. While the predominant essence of the piece is sorrowful and contemplative, there are moments of extreme hope represented by bright consonant harmonies.~Carlos Oliver Simon Jr. (2015)Find out more about Carlos Simon and his work at coliversimon.com.Johann Sebastian BachBorn March 31, 1685 EisenachDied July 28, 1750 Leipzig1st Cello Suite in G Major, BWV 1007Composed 1717-23 in KthenFirst Recording 1938Pablo Casals, ParisInstrumentation Solo CelloDuration 19 minutesBachs set of Six Suites for Solo Cello holds a central place in the repertory, offering cellists a lifetime of musical inspiration and creative fulfillment. It is especially appropriate that Pablo Ferrndez is performing one of the Bach suites at this time, as many musicians have found solace in playing Bachs solo works during the difficult months of the 2020 pandemic and quarantine. Since 1890, when the great cellist Pablo Casals discovered an old copy of the suites in a Barcelona music store and spent the next ten years studying them and eventually performing them, each new generation of cellists has embraced the challenge of interpreting and performing these works anew.princetonsymphony.org/ 12'