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Princeton Festival Makes a Creative Adjustment for COVID-19: It Will Move Outdoors, Under a Big Top, at Morven

Singer Storm Large, seated on a chair in front of a concrete wall, looking at the camera. She is wearing a black blazer and black pants.

For the second time this month we are hearing about a creative reinvention of a long-standing Princeton institution in the face of ongoing concerns over COVID-19. In the first instance, the Arts Council, in concert with Princeton University, announced that it was converting Communiversity, the one-day mega-event in April, into a month-long series of events: April Arts.

On January 26, the Princeton Symphony Orchestra unveiled the remake of another longstanding Princeton arts tradition: The Princeton Festival, which has previously consisted of multiple performances ranging from opera to classical music to pop events at several different indoor venues, from McCarter to Richardson Hall, and 185 Nassau Street, and more. This year's festival will instill include different ensembles on multiple days, from June 10 through 25, but they will all be in one place, and the venue itself could be a showstopper.

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