Let Freedom Ring

Free and open to the public.

Since the first Juneteenth in 1865, Black Americans have lived in a country that has often fallen short of the promise of true freedom. Through the words, activism, and personal accounts of great storytellers like Toni Morrison, Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King Jr., and countless others Americans are able to connect, understand each other better, and acknowledge America's shared past in hopes of moving forward.

a phone pictured over red, yellow, green, and black stripes

As part of the Princeton Festival's Juneteenth Celebration, we invite you to take part in an oral history project we're calling "Let Freedom Ring." You'll step inside our antique phonebooth recording studio, where you'll be prompted to record your own reflections, thoughts, hopes, and dreams for a better America. We'll take sound bites from your recordings to create and commission a new piece of music celebrating Black voices. We hope that you'll join us and share your story as part of the celebration!


"Let Freedom Ring" is a part of the Voices of Princeton Project. Come to the Princeton Festival, where you can sign up to give an in-depth interview on Juneteenth, or at your convenience and learn more about the project.voices of princeton logo


"Let Freedom Ring" Phone Booth
Stockton Education Center
Morven Museum & Garden
55 Stockton St., Princeton NJ

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